Why Are You In Church?

Too often i hear believers or should i say “churchers”( if there is any word like that 😁)complain and murmur so much just like what the Israelites did back in the days of Grandpapa Moses in the wilderness, driving him crazy with all the “silly” talks!
And i ask myself what really draw people to church?

Kay says; i need to prosper in life and going to church guarantees that.
Joy also says; i really need a job and a baby. I have roamed far too long and so the church is my last stop because God did it for Sarah and Hannah and the woman who sells bananas behind my house, He must do it for me too.
Ray too says; i could really use a mighty hand protecting me and my family from the attacks of the evil one.
And the lady busily going up and down in church just needs the support of the church in situations like weddings and funerals😅.

So the question here is why did i choose to become a Christian as well as serve in the house of God?

My number one reason for accepting Christ is my salvation.I want to go to heaven.
Now that i have Him i am to work it out until the very day Christ returns and that leads me to the going to church issue because i need to grow and the bible also says i should not forsake the gathering together of the saints. (Hebrews 10:25)
Also to make use of the talents God gave me in His house and to help people who have not yet heard of Him get the chance to, so they will be saved and work out their Salvations too until He comes.

Matthew 6:31-33 says;
Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

In as much as we all have wants and needs, that should not be our driving force to worship God because if our worship or service is based on wanting to gain earthly possessions then we will fall back when we realize it has been long enough but we are not getting paid yet.

Then again this has a lot to do with maturity.
A lot of Christians have grown old in church with their black hair turning gray but still babies in Christ. What a baby does is, if he wants something now, it must be given him now whether good or bad or else hell will break loose! Lol

But once you grow in Christ(mature), you realize that when your parents tell you a thing is not good for you now, and that wait until you are 18, you will reason with them and wait.

Jesus Christ is a full package when you accept Him you accept His fullness, you do not select what you want out of the package.
He is a perfect gift.
That is why James said, count it all joy when you go through diverse trials because that will generate in you faith to continue the journey you have embarked on.(without Faith it is impossible to go on this journey)

Once you have chosen the Jesus path, His adversaries will come after you, so they can get you to fall back, and so because of that you need to always be prepared wearing the full amor of God.(Ephesians 6:11)
The alphabets starts from A and not Z for a reason.
You must seek God who is the A(lpha) first before getting B through to Z.
The premier reason for going to church or doing anything in view of serving God should be to Seek Him, know His ways, delve deeper into His word,fellowship…so that you will be able to stand firm and strong in the faith unwavering until the end.

Do all these things expecting nothing and the God who gives liberally to His children without reproach will give unto you the very desires of your heart and even the things you never thought of because He is a loving Father and the love He has for us is unconditional.

This tells me that if you seek God first and His righteousness, you will not struggle with unbelievers over positions, over opportunities, over jobs etc…the favor factor puts you ahead!

Serve God for who He is and not for what you can get from Him.
Doing the former gives you access to the latter!

Food For Thought
Why am i serving God?
Is it because of something i need or because He is God.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, i thank you for your word today.
I am Sorry for all errors i have committed against you, and i pray that you forgive and wash me that i may be clean and acceptable unto you.
Father help me serve you for who you are and not what i can get from you.
Take hold of my heart and Help me understand your ways at all times so i will not go to church even once for the reasons that seem right to me.
Thank you for making your ears attent unto my prayer in Jesus name have i prayed with thanksgiving, Amen.

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28 thoughts on “Why Are You In Church?

    1. Haha…do not skip…we are humans and sometimes we just become stubborn even though we know the right thing to do.the purpose of not missing the gathering of the saints is to remind us and quicken our mortal bodies.so your heart can change in His presence or even by the message that will be preached and you can gain consciousness of yourself again😅.

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  1. Good for you, Pap! The main reason we go to church is to give praise and worship to the God who loves us and set us free from our sins! We hear more of His word, sing praises to Him, give of our means to help the church in its work, pray to our Lord, take communion to remember Jesus’ death, and build one another up in fellowship.

    We don’t go primarily because we want a raise at work, or a baby at home. Sunday’s are the Lord’s day, and He wants us to praise Him together in spirit and truth. So many just don’t understand that, even some “older” members, as you have said so well!

    It is very important to go to worship services on Sundays, and to do it for the right reasons. This is a good post for us all!


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      1. That’s where it all starts and finishes with the Lord. He cares about all people from the “inside out.” It’s the condition of the heart that matters to Him…


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  2. I am serving God because I know after all I’ve been through I have no other logical choice! He’s the only thing that makes complete sense and I’m honored to be used by Him. I finally understand the statement “Thy will be done!”

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