Sweet turned sour


They sounded the trumpets,

And with joyful a noise they jubilated.

They felt empowered ‘cause i went off track in the race.

I thought we were more than strangers.

I thought we were watching out for each other.

I thought we were one body.

Little did I know it was a competition.

Wishing i fall so you get the crown.

Is it all about you and less of others?

You saw me break the rules,

But i wasn’t myself.

You knew i could get disqualified.

Yet you watched me break them.

I thought you had my back,

Never knew we were competing.

Wishing I fall so you get the crown.

Forgetting this is a run with God

Not with men that you would call a race

It is G-race for it is a run with God.

Thank God for that brother

Who never stopped pursuing me

And never stopped interceding for me.

Now i am back on track.

Running with God by G-race the race set before me.

I will neither sleep nor grow weary.

So i can help others also run with God in the G-race of life.



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