Day 12 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge

Yes it is day 12!

My Favorite Childhood Book

I said early on in one of my posts that growing up i was not much of the reading type because i grew up in an environment that was not reading friendly i guess.
I do remember the very few books that came my way and my favorite is…

The story really speaks, it pumps some sense into you as to what to expect in the journey of life.
If you settle for less because it is easy to achieve, you might as well loose it easily.

The story is about three pigs who were sent out by their mother to live their own lives.
One built a house with straw which was destroyed by a bad big wolf with less effort, the second built a house of sticks which suffered the same fate, but the third built a brick house and after several attempts made by the wolf, no positive result was achieved.
The wolf ended up being trap by the pigs in a wise way and the wolf was killed, bringing liberation to the pigs after the hell they were put through.

So that is all for today also!
Let us meet here again Godwilling tomorrow.
Love you all my lovely berriesšŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜

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