Day 6 0f 30 Days Blogging Challenge

Yes! a 1000 miles journey always begins with a step…
It is day 6 already!!

What am i afraid of?


Now I need to get my Nike’s on you know why?? Because I need to run through my mind to find one! Weird, isn’t it?

I am not an “afraid” kind of person, like how someone will say heights terrifies me, I would rather be the opposite lol…I really love adventure, trying new things and all that…Enough of that, now let us move on.

I think i am really brave or should I say courageous, is there even any difference?
Well…I should say the only one I am or was afraid of is my oldself.

I know there is nothing or should i say no one can destroy me if I do not allow myself to be used.
With this i realized the kind of power i have without limitations, my oldself can go to whatever extend to get what she desires.
To her all things are lawful and permissible.

The good news now is that, i have Jesus and my old static and limited mind has been changed to a flexible and limitless one through Him and so what i am saying is, i am not afraid of anything now because my Father commands me in Joshua 1:9 not to be and so i have no option than to hear and obey His word in my generation🙏😅😅.

Thank you all my lovely berries😘😘
Come back for more everyday…
So let me know what you are also afraid of down the comments section.



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