You just got served!
Yeah…breakfast in bed…Appreciate my efforts by taking a bite😅.
Thank me later but first Bless God for this food.

1Corinthians 6:12-20

A lot of people think when we talk about the temple of God or the church it actually is the structure where people go to worship mostly on Sundays.
Today we want to tell you that structure is not the church but rather where the church comes together as one to worship our Creator.
You are a member of the body of Christ and so am i, we have been grafted into Him upon believing and so together we form the church. We cannot live without Him for a branch certainly cannot live independent of its tree.

Now, what you are carrying about might be your body but girl, dude it is still the temple of God.
Wondered why the bible termed your body as God’s temple rather than say a house or home?
It is because a temple is a sacred place for worship, a place dedicated for just that use, meaning you cannot go and sell rice water there😊(I hope I am speaking to somebody).

Sometimes it is amazing how we go to those structures and spend a lot of time cleaning every corner of it just to be ready for service the next day and yet the very temple, the real one has been left untidy and unfed for weeks, months and even years.

One funny thing is even after cleaning the chairs that same morning before service starts, one still goes in and wipe the chair with a white neatly pressed handkerchief before sitting on it and use that same material to wipe the face along the line during service when the place gets (ei! This creature called “man”)

That leads me to this question, are we not aware our bodies are the real temples?
Why are we so much into keeping the structures for gathering clean leaving the dwelling place of God(body) unkept?

Do you not know that God requires your body to work here on earth?
And without it, He cannot work?
Yes He does, But He cannot share your body with His adversaries, that is another thing we must take note of and so it is either you are for Him or against Him.

Food For Thought
So if as human as we are, we do not want to even sit in a chair already cleaned but still wipe with our white handkerchiefs, does the Holy God deserve to stay in a filthy place?

Father Lord, thank you for revealing this truth unto me. Please forgive me of whatever sin committed against you both consciously and unconsciously and lead me back to the righteous path.
I offer myself as a living sacrifice to you today and I promise not to dirty your dwelling place and so help me God to make my body one that you can use for every purpose .Amen.

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  1. Haha, the chair then face thing is just funny.

    I was just meditating on 1 cor 3, the verse where the bible says we are God’s building.

    Nice post.

    “God is building men, not buildings.” – Eshon Burgundy

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  2. You really put some good thought into this one! Great post young lady. We are the “church” without a doubt. The Holy Spirit dwells within those who are in the body of Christ. And yes, we do keep ourselves “unkept” spiritually…

    A little more respect for the King is in order!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think your post has answered a long standing question in my mind, about how so called Christians still get demon possessed or influenced. God deserves 100% and if He doesn’t have 100%, He doesn’t take anything less.


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