Faithful God


From the latter part of last year until now, i had some two things that my heart really desired to have and I really worked towards it…
I knew God was on my side and therefore those things I was looking forward to i had already received but guess what!… Lol
I got disappointed and i was really down, i could not understand why it had to happen to me, why i did not receive what I wanted.

For a moment I was like, all the fastings, all the prayers, all the all nights and all the laboring in His vineyard?
The questions went on and on and i just wanted to be mad at God, i just wanted to go on “church leave” (lol) just to teach God a lesson(funny creature).
I just wanted to be sad at that moment because the circumstances around me demanded me to but no matter how hard i tried i could not get mad at Him. Why? Because I realized i had not even done enough to even go on leave for a second.

This is one of the reasons why people stop going to church( to me it is absurd) because they went in for themselves and not the fullness of God and so any little thing gets them pissed off.
They went to church because they heard this God gives schorlarships, yes He even gives more than that but you must seek Him first before the other things are added.(Matthew 6:33)

I believe God is preparing me for something great ahead and He wants me to be very ready once it happened.
What i experienced toughened me and i have moved pass that situation like it never happened by His grace.
There i understood the meaning of breakthrough; When you are really expecting something and your expectation gets cut off somehow someway, naturally the ‘man’ in you looses strength to continue not to even talk about starting over.

But your ability to move through the break lies your breakthrough.
That is, in between giving up and moving on lies your breakthrough.
He already told me that He would not allow anything my strength could not handle come my way… So whatever that happened i know He had full confidence in me to pull through and i am glad i did not disappoint Him.(I nearly missed the point)

This word from Deuteronomy 8:5 gives me much hope;
He says that if i fulfill my part, he will do His, as numbers 23:19 stamps it, God cannot lie!
And so if He was able to cater for the Israelites and their clothes did not wear out neither did their feet swell during those forty years in the wilderness. Why would He reject a faithful servant?

This particular verse shows how wonderful and faithful God is
and i am proud and humbled at the same time to call Him my father!

So my dear reading this message, hold onto this treasure very well because in His time everything will change!! After all where your treasure is, there your heart also will be found.
He has not forgotten about you…He is busily cooking up your future like Ghanaian jollof😅.
Be patient, Food will be served soon enough and your hunger will be chased out!


10 thoughts on “Faithful God

  1. Just as Jesus told His disciples a parable of the persistent widow to show them that they should always pray and not give up. The Lord always answers His children no matter how long.. He does things in His own time…. Indeed He is a faithful God… Bless you dear.. 🙏

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