Usable Vessels Part 2


So continuing from where we ended yesterday, today we are treating the second part of the usable vessels message.
Here is a link to part 1 just incase you missed it😊

What kind of vessels would God use and what will be the criteria for selection?

Yesterday we established that, a clean vessel will be chosen for honorable purposes.

Today we will treat the availability or proximity of the vessel as one of the criterion for selection.

Let us look at this, I believe communication is the basis for a successful relationship and so without constant communication a relationship will end even before starting.
When man sinned and fell short of the glory of God. There was no communication between God and man as it was in the beginning thereby creating a wider gap as time went by…
The more you talk to someone the closer you get to that person and through that trust is also built and secrets are revealed to you.

Our only means of getting close to God is by communicating through prayers and using the manual for life(The Bible) daily. The more you prayer, the more you remain under His shadows and the more He reveals mysteries unto you.

So let us say i have been friends with you reading this message for a long while, and i have proved my worth by earning your trust somehow someway in diverse ways.
Now, you have acquired a multi billion contract, but you have to link someone to work on it, would you give it to a stranger or to me?
I am the one likely to be used because i have walked with you and you know my ways.

We must be close to God in order to hear Him speak to us and know His ways, or else we cannot work with Him even when we get the appointment.
Samuel was sleeping in the very presence of God where the ark of God was. His proximity to Him made his call clear and thereby making it possible for God to use Him.

Remember that when I need you for something important and urgent and the distance between us is too wide, i have an option to call, but what happens when your phone is also unavailable?
Whatever opportunity that was meant for you will be passed to the next available person no matter how clean you are, you must also be available to pick up your call into greatness.

James 4:8 says…
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Your cleanliness and your availability matters!

Food For Thought
No matter how clean we are, if we are too busy to even hear our phone ring, opportunities we have been waiting on will pass us by.

Thank you Father, for your kind words, please help me stay connected to you all times so I do not miss out on the good things you have packaged for me. Amen

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