Before You Judge, Examine.

Sometimes life is funny and sad at the same time, you wanna call these moments awkward but this is the nature of the world we live in.

People are easy to point fingers at others just because they are sinning differently.
Yeah, some people say some sin is big while others are small.
But let me tell you this, the wages of sin is death says the good book of the lord.
Nowhere in the bible is it scripted that big sin leads to death and small ones forgiveness.

So whether someone commits adultery or murder and another steals meat from mummy’s soup they have all sinned.
But the goodnews is that, sin is forgivable only if one repents and turns from the old ways.

What at all is this sin?
Going contrary to what the word of God says is Sin.

But who says we even have the right to judge a fellow human being when our very next move is unknown to us?

There is so much work around waiting on us to invest our time into but we worry ourselves with what is meant for only God to do(judge) people.

Now let’s take a look at the woman in the bible whom everyone called a prostitute but Jeaus called a woman.
This woman was brought to Jesus whiles He was teaching by the Pharisees and the teachers of the law(hypocrites) Matthew 23:13-39
To be judged because they caught her committing adultery, but in actual sense the people were using her to trap Jesus so as to find Him guilty of sin and finally get a basis to kill Him.

But Jesus knowing their thoughts even before they spoke used the situation to show them how “foolish” they were.
He gave them a chance to examine themselves and they realized that just because the woman was sinning differently from them did not make them any different from her because their very hearts was not right with God.

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

These words chased out all the self imposed judges because they themselves were not without sin.
Jesus never condemned this woman but by His act of kindness and mercy shown this woman was convicted of sin and she never went back to her old life.

This woman remained at Jesus’ feet even at the crucial moment of His crucifixion when His very own disciples denounced Him.

Food For Thought
If Jesus who was without sin did not point a finger at Mary Magdalene by casting her out of His presence because she was a sinner, but rather showed her love, then what reason do we have for judging people so harshly when we are also sinning but in a different way that looks good in our eyes?

A Word of Prayer
May the good Lord teach us how to love In the worst of moments just like how He did when we were good but just for the trash can. Amen.

Remain forever blessed in God’s love🙏🙌

Biblical Reference :Jonh 8:1-11


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