My Valentine

Casting my mind back reflecting on our relationship.
How we met was crazy but Charley I would have been the biggest fool on earth to watch you pass me by.
Your proposal at my worst moment was timely.

It is Funny how I didn’t even blink when you asked to take care of my heart.
YES! I give you my heart.
These words I uttered as tears rolled down my cheeks.
As I looked through your sparkling eyes,down to your lips.

Your smile pierced through my heart chasing out every pain ever felt.
Like a dream I never want to wake up from.
Our first encounter is imprinted so hard on the tablet of my heart.
Simplicity graduating to intensity;Our fellowship has Progressed from friendship to worship.
What we have isn’t dictatorship but true friendship.

Now iv earned a membership in your township, and together we are going to work this out like a championship, so when the time comes I will enjoy your kingship.

As we celebrate love.
I celebrate You for taking charge of my heart.
Words and vocabulary place limitations on my expressions.
So until the right words are found,I say my Love, You own me!
The love I have for you is deeper than deep.
And Lord,Thank you for rescuing me!😊

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