My desire

I desire You to my life for your love is better than life itself.
To be full of you is all my soul desires.
My lips so much desires to have contact with Yours and my heart clings unto that of Yours like a safe house.

Even as my soul thirsts for You, my flesh also longs for You as in a dry and thirsty land where no water is.
Your sweet fragrance is one that cannot be bought, neither can it be found on a summer field of roses.

Your face shines so bright and reaches out to me when I see no hope.
The smile you put on pierces through my soul and spirit drawing me deeper into you.

Upon my bed where sleep eludes my precious eyes, thoughts of you consumes me.
All that I am is simply amazed by who You are and the one thing I desire is to know you more.

My love, You fill me with the kind of fire that burns out all my doubts and fear whenever you are with me.
So I say, take me to a place where all I see, feel and hear is You.

Yes! The one thing I so much desire is to do what you require for knowing you more gives me the opportunity to fulfill your requirements.
Help me JESUS.

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