I really miss you

As the night misses the sun likewise do i miss You
Without You in my life I am like the dark sky with no moon nor stars…my beauty cannot be seen.

Everything around me reminds me of you because you are my everything.
The cold breeze from the calm waters makes me miss those moments even more.
With You I feel secured.

Your face was the light that chased away the shadows, every nightmare and every fear.
But you burned out and now,
I am learning to be afraid of the dark once again.
Without you I blackout like a total eclipse of the sun.

My life is being shred into pieces because Your presence is no more with me.
My life is in dark shades and needs Your light.
I try to close my eyes to escape to the other world but Your thoughts keeps following me like my shadow.

The feeling is so deep I cannot comprehend.
Memories are more powerful than I ever imagined.
Come back to me and let’s make more memories.
Come back to me because my watch has come to a stand still.
You alone can make it move again.

All along I thought You left me but now I realize I drew away from You.
I am coming back to You because You are all i have!
JESUS you are all I have.

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