Amazing love


There was One willing to die in our place.
He took the curse of unworthy souls so we will live.
He paid the debt He did not owe to free us from the bondage of sin.
Look right into His eyes and see His pain, the pain he had to endure for you and my sake.
Dig deeper into his heart and feel the agony he did go through,
His clothes striped off him and tossed to and fro to make mockery of him.
Spat upon by the same people who hailed Him.

Nails capable of splitting cedar was driven through His soft palm and feet.
His precious head crowned with thorns and hanged on an old rugged cross.
Bathed in His blood He groaned on the cross.
He could have called angels to fight on His behalf but He died alone on the cross for you and my sake.
For my redemption He said nothing even though he had the right to pull out.
At the point of death vinegar was given Him in place of water.

He did see this beforehand, fell on his face and cried out loud to His father saying,“O my Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt”.
Though it was difficult, a deeper heartfelt prayer had to be said.
How the Mighty Creator died for His creatures’ sins is unfathomable.
My heart is dissloved in thankfulness and my eyes melted to tears,
but drops of tears can never repay the depth of love I owe.
Here Lord, I give myself away.
This is all i can do for your love is brighter than the sun and more beautiful than words could ever say.
Your love is beyond degree and attractive than the world.
Thank you for laying down Your life for my redemption.
So my dear reader, never render the selfless act of Christ useless for He brought hope to the hopeless.

6 thoughts on “Amazing love

  1. If der was an option to love this masterpiece instead of like,i would choose the former….God bless u so much n thanks for reminding me of wat this Easter season is all about.🙏 GOD’S ❤


  2. Its an amazing day and I thank Jesus for giving me a second chance; bless u dear for reminsce dat my life is borrowed and I am to account for whatever I do with it. . .


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