Behind the smile


I look deep into your eyes and I see pain.
I dig into your heart and all i I see is hurt.
Broken pieces is what I see but as a lion your pride will not allow you feed on grass even when you are starving.
It is okay to cry,
It feels alot better to let it all out.

No need to wear a mask of a smile,
neither do you have to hide your feelings only to cry on your pillow at night.
There is a shoulder you can cry upon,
Someone you can pour your heart out to without getting judged.

It is okay to accept reality rather than pretending it does not exist.
I see you smile but deep within, you are struggling to exist.
Some loads are better left unlifted and some are better shared than singlehandedly carrying it.

You see him trying to lend you a helping hand but you shutting him out because you think you are not worthy.
Yes you are not worthy, but do you think he doesn’t know that?
He loves you just the way you are 🙂 and maybe It is time to open up your heart and allow him cleanse your mind so you can face reality.

Like lightning which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, let him light up your world.
and like the fresh air that blows our heat away let him sway you out of your pain.
Reach out and accept his extended hand.
He is all i need and so do you for life without Christ is Crises.

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