The Unimaginable Feeling


How do I get this explained?
How do I let it out for all men to understand?
It is amazing to be in love
The feeling is indescribable
So joyous inside it outbursts unconsciously.

Since I encountered him I have not stopped glowing.
Never lacked, always abounding in love.
His loving kindness keeps me company amidst my storms.
Being in his arms is the most exciting feeling ever.

With him in my life all darkness disappear for he is light.
So unique I never get bored in his presence.
What kind of man is He?
Even the wind and waves obey him.
I watch the sky and even the clouds are rushing to be in his presence.
Wondering who he is?

So loving!
At night, he asks the moon and stars to kiss me goodnight before sleep takes me away.
In the morning his “Son” smiles at me. A smile that melts pains and mends broken hearts.

Unspeakable love…that’s what we have for it gets to a point where no words are uttered only tears flow…this is the point we have reached.
Oh yes! We have arrived at the highest level of each other but I still
love, cherish, honor, adore and crave for him even more.

I’m out of words for no word seem to qualify how I feel right now.
Want to glow this much?
Get to know him
Christ is all we need.

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