My mission

I am on a mission.
A mission with a vision.
A vision so clear, never an imagination.
Oh yes I have been commissioned to occupy.
To occupy till He comes.

I have been given a great commission.
To preach the word in my generation,
To impact my generation is my mission.
The truth be told, it is my occupation.
But for the communication that took place between the Father and Son came a great commutation.

Exchanging my death sentence with eternal life – that is a beautiful exchange.
With this commision, He made provision so my occupation will lead me to impacting my generation.

Despite my public denunciation, there be no condemnation.
For I am in Christ Jesus and I walk not after the flesh but the spirit.

His Lordship extends His hearty commendation for you are His priceless possession.
Open the doors of your heart to Him and He will occupy it.
He is my recommendation unto you.

13 thoughts on “My mission

  1. Wow. That’s beautiful. Thanks for reminding us on our call of duty. ie. the great commission. Keep on keeping on. You are blessed and highly favored.


  2. That’s so sweet, I really loved the first paragraph and I also love wah u ve done with the place and I ll just ur Mission too. . .


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