Fare thee well 2014

Alas we are here!

A successful journey around the sun

With all the disappointments, pain, joy,

sorrow, achievements and everything

else that came along with this year,

I still made it.

And now I am dancing around the

throne of glory.

Oh hallelujah!

The favored ones made it but the

unfortunate fell as dry leaves fall off a


On this day, people run to the mercy

seat as the dear pants for water.

Another year of uncovered potentials,

Another cycle of the unrealized


Procrastination taking a better part of

the year leaving a whole lot

unattended to.

A new year is about to be birthed out.

As we draw the curtains on 2014,

Another one is being opened.

As 2014 doors are being closed,

2015 doors are being opened.

Everything that has a beginning, surely

has an end.

All I said to 2014 was “please be nice

to me” but no “he” decided to show

me diverse colours.

Some unexpected others close to


You got me laughing, dancing, caught

up and even teary-eyed.

The most amazing thing is, from

January to December,He never left me.

He told me so far as he has started

with me, He will end with me.

Indeed He is the Alpha and Omega.

Reflected on my actions, the good

ones I’m carrying along and the

bad, dropping it at the entrance as I

enter 2015.

With a loud cry I say fare thee well

2014 and with glorious shout i

welcome 2015.

2015 please be good to me.

And as we begin a new year let us

begin with our Maker for nothing can

be completed without Him.

Always remember to wash your face in

the morning in the presence of God.

God first.

7 thoughts on “Fare thee well 2014

  1. Amen ooo….God shower u with amazing n mind blowing testimonies dis coming year 2015…God’s favour has caused us to make it n am so glad we made it together…lots lo love,Nana Adjoa OcranšŸ’“ n God firstā˜


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