Take Me Deeper


My heart beats forever just to know


It beats so fast that I would have been

in debt if it were a meter.

There is no life without you and

without you, my life is worthless for

you make up my whole being.

You have exactly all that I need and


In your presence I want to go deeper

so I am reaching out…

Your love is brighter than the sun

always shining and never goes dim.

The Rays of your love are always

incident on me…no scattering.

Your love is unfailing and never grows


Where I go, you go…you never leave


Your love keeps chasing me and when

I fall, you are right there to pick me up.

You set my heart on fire, and it burns

in me.

You are all I need

My eyes are solely fixed on you and

none other.

I wanna drown so deep in your love

with no one to rescue for I never

wanna be rescued.

Your love sets me free.

As the day goes by, my feelings get


To be in your arms, I cannot wait any


See through my heart and you will

know that the feeling is deeper.

Day and Night my thoughts are for


I’m reaching out for you for I want to

dive deeper in your love.

fling the doors of ur heart wide open

so I could come running to the place

where I can find satisfaction.

Take me deeper for there is nothing

sweeter than being in your arms.

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