Your Presence


I love it when you near me for your

presence makes me sober.

It feels great to know that you love me

this much.

How did this just happen to me?

So unexpected!

Your tender touch makes me feel


I never want you out of my sight for

even a second for your presence is

simply awesome.

I want to sit at your feet so I can

always drink from the cup in your


Nothing softens me more than being

in your presence, recognizing your

love and all the things you do for me.

If I could reach up and hold a star for

every time you have made me smile,

the entire evening sky would be in the

palm of my hand.

They just don’t get it…the world

cannot comprehend why I trust you

this much.

Why I believe so much in you

but have not set eyes on you yet.

Though it’s hard to believe I tell them

you are inside me.

They say I am lonely for I’m actually in

a distant relationship with you.

Lonely? No, how can i be lonely when

you are always on my mind.

I always looked for someone I could

live with but ended up finding

someone I cannot live without.

I have a pair of eyes but cannot see

him everyday, a pair of ears but

cannot hear his voice all the time, but i

have one heart thats always in contact

with him.

This may seem impossible With your

eye for the eyes of men cannot see the

blissful future unless they borrow the

telescope of faith and wipe the misty

breath of their doubts from the glass,

look through it and behold the coming


I always saw myself through other

people’s eyes until your presence

made me realize who I really am.

Where my courage ends my heart

finds strength in Your presence.

My fear is totally broken in your


My eyes are blind without your eyes to

see, like a rose without color.

I never want you out of my life dear


5 thoughts on “Your Presence

  1. Hallelujah glory be to God who has inspired u with such amazing words to bless others…indeed Lord,your presence is heaven to me….God bless u Prilla…more love🙌🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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