My Gift To You


What If I am to give you something to

prove my love for you, as well as a gift

to show you how deep my feelings are,

what would that actually be?

We both know that I have not acquired

much on earth but then I will not let it

affect my presentation.

I need to get something wider than the

Amazon river…deeper than the ocean

and higher than the highest mountain.

Fortunately for me you already have

full control over such things.

Therefore here is what I offer unto

you, my life, my soul, my body, my

heart, I give unto you.

My everything to you I give, my love

take it.

I give myself away for that is the one

thing that is so precious to you else

you would not have given your son up

for me.

The songs I sing, the poems I write, my

dance moves, my basketball

skills…every breathe that I take, every

day of my life and any other thing you

gave to me,i rededicate all back to you.

Everything I do is for you for I owe you

more than I can give.

So faithful and true…I get goose

bumps just thinking about you and

there is absolutely nothing I will not do

for you.

I give you my best Lord for you are the

love of my life.

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