One More Mile

When I’m down and my soul is weary,

When I feel I do not belong where I am

When all is lost and thoughts of giving

up engulfs me,

He keeps whispering softly to my

hearing ‘My grace is sufficient’.

Then again he lifts me high above the

ground so I can stand on mountains.

Removes all obstacles on my path so I

can walk smoothly.

He lifts me up so I can walk on the

stormy sea.

When I am so burdened he says to

me ‘come to me for my yolk is lighter’.

Sometimes all you have to do is close

your eyes and see with your heart

because appearance is deceptive.

Block your ears and listen with your

heart so no one walks through your

mind with their dirty feet.

Let your heart do all the sensing for

out of it comes the issues of life.

With him in the boat I can comfortably

smile at the storm.

He is the simplified version of life for

he says with me, all things are


I am human, Ofcourse I am weak

Yes I am, but in my weakness his

strength is made perfect in me.

Never give up, keep going for just a

mile more and that record will be


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