What matters

I try so hard because the world is


I have to live right because i have got

all eyes on me.

I thought it was good but then again I

realized it was a waste of time.

Even though I tried to please others I

sometimes get my satisfaction, and as

I kept listening to them their standards

kept raising…standards I try So hard to

keep up with.

I tend to make them my lords and try

to attain their every desire so I could

be applauded.

They try to push me to do what seems

right in their sight making me loose

focus and missing the actual target.

Living my life like it belonged to others

caused my abilities to be overlooked,

buried and never to be uncovered.

They tried to mould me into what I am

not, making me loose track of His

original will concerning my life.

I know I am unique for there is just a

single me in this universe but then

why do I keep listening to them

instead of my Owner ?

I guess my true worth, I actually did

not know.

I am left with pieces of who I was and

who I really am

Now I’m tired already

I give up going by the standards of the


I acknowledge you my savior for you

are the author and finisher of my life.

All that matters to me now is you

What you say is what I will go by

All that matters is what you see when

you look at me and what you feel

when you think of me.

I don’t need any other eye than yours,

I do not want to please none other but


No more distraction, all my attention is

with only you

I wasted my time thinking I can

become who they want me to be but

in actual sense even if I have keys I

need permission in other to drive

someone’s car.

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