I Am Yours

Right from the scratch
My heart belonged to you
I tried kicking you out but then you refused to leave, it also had to happen; it just had to, and as it is said, “Whatever would be would be”.
You allowed me run around and still captured me when I went too far.
I could not let go of myself,
I kept wondering, would this last forever?
Suffered heartbreaks; Never want another
Being grabbed by fear and entangled by doubt
To give in or not I pondered but Iike rushing water, I could not hold back this feeling…I could not control it anymore…
I finally stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.
I am blown away any time you are near me
People get close some get even closer but none saw what I see in you
I cannot let go now…I am taking this chance
Like a mystery yet to unfold
A piece of you is uncovered every moment I am with you
Your presence makes me cry not because I’m sad but overjoyed.
I do not want to live in regret so I surrender my heart to you
The home of my heart is with you
You are where I rightfully belong
God, you are my safe haven.

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