Your Smile

It goes down so deep like an ocean and it never ends
Like a path winding across the horizon
over mountains, across seas through blue skies never ceasing, continuous.
What would I do without your smile.
That which speaks louder than words.
Whenever you smile at me, the world does same.
That which turns situations around and brings light to my path.
Just looking into my eyes brings butterflies in my tommy.
Making me feel easy and uneasy, comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.
The entire universe conspired in helping me find you,for I tried to run away from you but ended up chasing you without knowing.
Like a permanent tattoo on my
skin: you cannot be erased and
like my favorite song; I cannot take you off my playlist.
Once upon a time there was a girl who loved someone, and His laughter was a question she wanted to spend her whole life answering.
I’m glad to be the one answering all the questions.
Your smile is the kind that awakens my soul and makes me reach out for more; plants fire in my heart and brings peace to my mind.
You have given me such beautiful things in life and that is what I hope to give you forever.
You have my heart dear God.

9 thoughts on “Your Smile

  1. wow!
    That’s so intriguing: love it to bit.

    “Making me feel easy and uneasy,
    comfortable and uncomfortable at
    the same time”. I like the literary devices you employed too.


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