Our world

This world, Beautiful yet ugly.
Filled with beautiful people yet ugly thoughts.
Welcome to this world where the rich rules and the poor suffers in the hands of the wicked;
Where the rich eats and the poor fights over leftovers.
Welcome to this world where people’s worth are measured by their possessions.
The unfortunate are overwhelmed by the superior strength of the rich and fall beneath their blows.
Whiles others break a leg to make ends meet others stay in dark alleys of the cities like hunters waiting to catch their victims, and like lions they crouch in silence waiting to pounce upon their victims.
They go into hibernation by day and are hyperactive by night.
The poor baby comes out of his mothers womb with a loud cry for his future in this cruel place…the peace he enjoyed has come to an end.
They say to themselves “God is not watching”,”He will never know”.
I tell you, It took just a moment for the thief who never gets caught to be handcuffed.
Time they say is a thief so make hay whiles the sun is still up.
I pray to God to make this place a better place for us, our children and our children’s children…

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