I lost something

I lost something
Something precious to me,
Something which cannot be bought.
So unique and exceptional.
I feel the void created so much for you are no where to be found.
I cannot share my thoughts with any other for you are the only one I feel comfortable around.
My backbone, it is difficult to walk without You in place.
How come I realize your worth now that you are not with me?
I have eyes but never saw your true nature.
For so long I wondered, how could I have lost something that precious,
Did I not value it??
memories never want to leave me no matter how hard I try for you printed them so hard on the tablets of my heart.
There is so much space in me I feel practically empty.
They say you never know the worth of something until it is gone; I say, we know but never think it could be lost so they are never protected.
How I wish the hands of time could be turned,but then wishes are not horses…
Thinking of it, would I have done something different if you were still with me?
No! I would have treated you exactly the same or even worse.
Now i have learnt my lessons and I pray I come across your kind again, if not you.
When I come across you again I will hold onto you tight and protect you so I don’t loose you again.
Until then I will keep searching.

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