She kept on playing hide and seek with Him like the sun with the clouds.
She kept on telling Him, wait on me,I will come right back, and He kept on telling her, I will stay with you as long as you stay with me.
She kept on living her life just the way she wanted;Chasing all the riches of this world.
She had everything she could humanly acquire; the iPhones, the Ferrari’s, the Bugatti’s,the trasacco mansions…you name the rest.
She took everything for granted for money was not a problem.
She had people around her but still wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high over hills.
She had everything yet nothing.
She moved freely and cared less forgetting she had Someone waiting on her.
One thing she forgot was that; time waits on no man.
Maybe she though she could live forever for money could buy all she needed.
Her days were numbered.
And as the clock ticked, the dark clouds covered the sun and the moon and stars resumed duty.
Time was running out.
She thought she owned everything so everything was misused by her including herself.
Never did she think about the fact that the thief never sends a notice before visiting your house.
She was caught unaware without any plans made.
On that day her money could not rescue her.
She had everything but lacked everything.
Time closed up on her and she could do nothing.
She is in forever land craving to return so she can go after what she never had.
But it is too late! no second chance for her!
You still have that chance so grab that opportunity while it lasts, for as it is said opportunity comes knocking at your door but just once.
Vanity is the gains of this world,He is all you need.
Christ is all we need, for life without Christ is Crises.

9 thoughts on “Time

  1. Time indeed waits on no man. like aps paul said ” We ought to redeem the time” before its too late. God bless u sis for the timely message.


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