Awesome God

Awesome God, You are to me,
You are Glorious and Majestic;
The ancient of days, Your name is Jehovah.
All kings bow down before your mighty throne; for You are the King of kings and The Lord of lords
Your wisdom is profound and surpasses the depths of the deepest ocean and the heights of the highest mountains.

Awesome God, You are to me,
You shake the earth from its place and make its pillars tremble.
The pillars of heaven tremble at Your rebuke.
You speak to the sun and it dares not shine.
You move mountains without their knowing and overthrows them in Your anger.
You alone stretches out the heavens over empty space and hangs the earth upon nothing.

Awesome is my God
When it comes to strength,He is mighty
The greatest warriors and the world’s most strongest cannot stand just a touch of His finger tips.
Wonder is Your name
You who performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.
You are capable of even cracking a palm kernel with an egg just to disgrace a stone.
His powers calms the sea.

Awesome God you are to me
You who knows the end from the beginning.
I AM THAT I AM is Your name
You who created the universe and all that dwelleth therein with Words.
One who parted the Red Sea and delivered His people from their oppressors.
You are the same yesterday,today and forever.
You keep on making ways where there are none even now in the sight of my enemies.

Awesome God You are to me
He is so glorious that even the moon and the stars are nothing compared to His glory.
God is almighty yet despises none!
Perfect in understanding and does not reward the wicked with his blessings, but gives them their full share of punishment.
He does not ignore the good men but honors them upon eternal, kingly thrones.
He is so great that we cannot begin to know Him and no one can begin to understand eternity.
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with You and the Word was Yourself.
All things were made by Your wonderful hands and without You was nothing made that was made
Indeed my God is awesome.

Awesome God, You are to me
You are the consuming fire;
The fire that consumes stones,dust and even licks up water.
He became Poor yet Rich
A Lamb yet a Lion
Fully man yet fully God
The Genesis yet the Revelation
His Blood! His Blood liberated all men from the bondage of sin.
The Blood! the Blood that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

Awesome You are to me
You who draws up water vapor and then distills it into rain which the skies pour down.
Can anyone really understand the spreading of the clouds and the thunders within?
He wraps the rain in His thick clouds,and the clouds are not split by the weight.
He sets a boundary for the ocean.
Yes!He sets boundaries for the day and night too.
He imagined the sun and gave light to its source yet conceals it to bring us coolness of night.
None can fathom your majestic nature.
He sees lightening bolts and tells them where they should go.And YES! His awesome presence is felt in the thunder.
May all sinners be warned!

Indeed my God is awesome
For He is Unshakable,Unstoppable,Unmovable,Unchangeable,Undoubtable, untamable,uncontainable and unconquerable
always doing the impossible,the Unthinkable,the Unpercieveable yet achieving the Unachievable and attaining the Unattainable.

4 thoughts on “Awesome God

  1. “You are capable of
    even cracking a palm
    kernel with an egg
    just to disgrace a

    He is wonderfully awesome and that is our God: the living God who is the God of the living.


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