The love talk

I hear lovers talk about how it feels to be in love.
I see the actions of people in love.
The big smile on their faces spoke loud enough.
I never could understand them, for I had not experienced a thing like that.
You came my way but I refused to see your beauty and pushed you away.
I rejected you so many times but you never gave up on me.
My anthem was “it is better to fall in a pit and break my leg than to fall in love and break my heart”.
The only gift I could give you was to bring pain to your tender heart yet still u loved me unconditionally.
Your love is like an ocean, endless and so wide beyond measure.
So tell me which kind of heart would not accept a heart like yours?
Then this beautiful thing happened to me.
It completely changed my personality;
Your love changed me.
It took away my blindfold and now I see.
Until I met you, I never thought life was this beautiful.
I finally met my love and I feel so much alive.
I promise to give you my all for you deserve even more than I can possibly offer.
But then people say I have too many flaws and that i am not fun to be with;
This always passes through your ear and out through the other,but through it all you still chose me and showed me love selflessly.
Even in my perfect imperfections you still remained by my side regardless of what others said.
Now I feel so much connected that nothing can get us disconnected.
I look through you and I see myself, such a perfect mirror.
I think about you every moment I take to breath.
The day your thoughts will escape me is when i will cease to function for
your thoughts never leave me.
I feel you much closer to me than even the hair on my skin that a day without you is worthless and a day wasted.
You holding my hands amidst my storms gives me hope.
How can my heart refuse to open up to your kind?
With such a heart warming personality.
Always there for me and at the right time.
Now I regret not getting to know you early on.
Everyday with you I feel like the first day I encountered you.
I fall in love over again each morning with you by my side.
This feeling is so deep sometimes I just cannot fathom.
Your eyes melts my heart like wax.
Your smile pierces through me to revive my weak body.
With you I feel so much secured for as I countlessly fell you kept me safe.
I will love you forever for you are the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me.
Now, I have not only stories but beautiful memories.
I love you is even an understatement for words cannot describe my feelings towards you.
I love you Lord!

9 thoughts on “The love talk

  1. Behold, what manner of LOVE the Father+ Son + HS hath bestowed upon us ( overwhelming!!). LOVE is everything, LOVE is the commandments, LOVE is the greatest, God is LOVE.
    Bless U writer. More grace


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