I need a Hand

I need a hand
Sometimes I just do not understand how things work.
How I find myself doing things I do not want to do is still a mystery unto me.
Happiness comes from things I do not want but never lasts.
How then do I keep this happiness ?
That which comes from what is right; that which cannot be quenched.
I manage to walk on the right path and just as things begin to fall in place, I sway from that path.
Why is it so difficult to walk on this path?
Is it because it is narrow and slippery?
No! I think it is because I am wavering.
I have done everything humanly possible yet I end up falling.
My strength has drained away like water and all my bones are out of joint.
How can I be moving forward and backwards at the same time.
Is that even possible?
I take a step forward and three steps backwards.
I am such an unstable being!
I am carried along in any direction the wind blows.
Sometimes I am full of myself other times happiness totally escapes from me like light chasing out darkness.
My eyes are dim with weeping and I am but a shadow of myself now.
Death binds me with chains and the floods of ungodliness mounts a massive attack against me.
Trapped and helpless I struggle against the ropes that drew me to death.
I need a hand!
A hand other than human hand to help me for something inside me is driving me away from the right path.
I give up! My strength cannot fight this!
I agree with sarkodie and efya that the “Devil inside me” is keeping me off the right path.
I am all Yours now, Lord have your way.
For in your strength I can scale any wall.

10 thoughts on “I need a Hand

  1. A Hand indeed! 1 Samuel 2:9b ” For by strength shall no man prevail.” God keeps the feet of his saints.
    Sure word! Power message! great piece! Am blessed


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