I am done Regretting!


As I sat in the coldness of the night reflecting on my life,
all the good, the bad moments,
and the crazy yet awesome people I had met.
Some I passed by, some I carried along and some i dropped along the way.

I sat regretting a million times on decisions made in life and the people I invested my time and energy in,
a routine it was, which I enjoyed like a favorite meal.
As a young girl with regrets as my daily meal,what good will become of my future?

I was never willing to live in the future for I held onto my past like a girl holding onto the love of her life.
Many times I sat regretting things I could have done but never did.
I mostly stayed silent not because I had nothing to say; but because I was enjoying my favorite meal.

Until now my life was based on regrets without thinking of how to be the person I want to be.
I was so worn out like the sole of the shoes of a poor man.
Thank God I have seen the light.
This light has made my path so bright, now I realize regretting is a waste of happiness.

I was so heavy laden but now I feel so light like the feathers of a bird.
Life is too short to give all my time to the man called “regret”.
Once upon a time the things I regret now were exactly what I needed.

Now I say I am done!
I say this for I have stepped out of those moments.
I have learnt my lessons; now I am moving on.
I am done regretting for those situations helped me become a better person and to know who I really am.
I discovered my capabilities as I sat to think of solutions instead of asking so many questions without answers.

I believe everything that happens to us does happen not for happening sake, but to teach, build and make us flexible enough to take on things ahead of us.
It is up to you to make good of your worse situation.
Believe in yourself and trust in Him and success is yours!
Appreciate the good things nature brings your way and stay positive for regret is just a waste of happiness.

26 thoughts on “I am done Regretting!

  1. …all things work “together for good for those who LOVE God…” Rom 8:28
    If we love God everything will work together to favor us even the most painful and difficult moments.
    Nice piece girl keep it up


  2. omG…… You are a blessing to the entire world. There are loads in you yet to unveil. And i believe God will be your guide and strength. Thank you soo much.


  3. Regret will let u loose focus….but tnx be ti God. Ma sis keep it up ….may he continue to give u de knowledge to write more. Stay blessed.


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